PSE LLC Awarded 2013 Business Leadership Award

PSE, LLC was honored with the 2013 Business Leadership Award during Thursday night’s Chamber of Commerce Banquet in Prescott. The following was read by Economic Development Director Mary Godwin while making the presentation:

The 2013 Business Leadership Award recipient first started their business in the summer of 2002. The business was located in the old Gulf station out by the interstate. In 2005 Premier Solutions and Equipment moved to the current location at 122 West 1st Street South. In March 2008, the name was changed from Premier Solutions and Equipment or PSE to PSE, LLC because no one in town knew what the PSE stood for and could never find them in the phone book, so in reality, the town of Prescott named the new company.

PSE has grown from two employees to five and is continuing to grow and expand its services. When area farmers came to them and asked them to spray their farms instead of having to get an applicator from out of town, or even out of state, they listened. They have purchased a new Pasture Truck to service our area farmers.

PSE, LLC has more commercial service licenses than any company in Arkansas. They hold an aquatic license, right-of-way Llicense and agriculture spray license. One of their team members holds a commercial pest control license and other team members make commercial pest control applications anywhere in the state of Arkansas.

Through their janitorial division they supply area schools with much of their paper and liner products. Area nursing homes are also customers of their janitorial supplies.

PSE, LLC cares about community youth by sponsoring at least one baseball team every year.

Their customer base has continually grown over the years. They have grown from 800 customers in 2008 to roughly 1,500 in 2012.

Over the years they have represented Prescott well. They have accomplished this by giving the best service for the most reasonable price. They strive to leave their customers happy with the services they provide.

Thank you for investing in Prescott and Nevada County. We hope you continue to grow and serve our area.

The 2013 Business Leadership Award goes to Jimmy Bateman and Debbie Crowder, owners of PSE, LLC.1-IMG_8239-600x338

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